We are taking functionality to new heights.

We build products that champion individuals and empower groups. We consult and write too.

Our Life Mission

To Reinforce and Enhance Experience by Championing Individuals and Empowering Groups.

We want to help design a world where the independent success of a group and individuals directly impacts the success of the company or community.

Razroo Zeta

Razroo Zeta is a next-gen productivity platform that will change the world as we know it. We can't wait to share it with everyone! Alpha available now.

Software Consulting

Razroo has on its team a unique combination of the world's best technical writers and Front End Software Architects. We look forward to being able to establish best practices across the industry in an easy to use fashion—also, mentor and train legions of software engineers.

We write;


Your company being able to write articles, is incredibly vital to your brand and visibility by others. Razroo has a strong background with technical writing and has an extensive network of the best writers in the Engineering space. Having your team produce blogs and videos can be a relatively painless process. It can also give your team more of an ability to express themselves fully and for engineers to feel their work expands beyond their immediate work.


Documentation is undoubtedly essential to any company. Excellent engineering, can in many ways be self-documenting. However, we firmly believe there is still a need for documentation internally within an organization. Also, documentation for best practices, decisions behind technology chosen, and application transparency allow for easier onboarding.

We also strongly believe there is a definite correlation between technical writing and programming. We offer workshops on technical writing(articles, documentation, etc.) and make it so that those \ same principles are transferable over to day to day programming.

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