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Charlie Greenman
December 20, 2020
3 min read

What is Stacking?

Stacking is the idea of doing two, or more things at the same time.

How to Stack

Find a relatively low-level task in your day. A low-level task would be something that can be done while doing something else. For instance, brushing your teeth, waiting for laundry to be completed. or waiting for something to be microwave/cooked. During these tasks, you can find a high-level task to couple with the low-level task. While brushing your teeth you can read. While waiting for laundry, you can work out. While waiting for something to be finished cooking you can get to those e-mails you wanted to send out. While putting your baby to sleep if you have one, you can go ahead and read.

Different Low Level Tasks

It is important to recognize, that there are two different types of low-level tasks.

  1. Long low-level task(30 minutes to 1.5 hours).
  2. Short low-level tasks(3 - 20 minutes)

Long Low-Level Tasks

Long low-level tasks are something that the majority of us already do. Doing something while waiting for the oven to complete cooking, or laundry to finish. If you aren't doing this already, then go ahead and do it. You will find it relatively easy to implement.

Short Low-Level Tasks

This is a little bit more to discern whether, or not you are being productive doing something during this time. It requires analyzing specific tasks and choosing one singular thing to do during these times. As an example, here is what I do:

  1. Brushing teeth - Lower body mobility Exercises
  2. Walking - Audio, for learning a new language
  3. In between sets at the gym - Reading

I will admit, finding time in between short low-level tasks is exhausting. Especially listening to audio while walking, and consistently reading at the gym in between sets. You sort of just have to motivate yourself and keep at it. You will find hours have been added to your week, and it's just worth it.

When Stacking is Innefficient

There are times wherein stacking is inefficient. For instance, getting someone to cook for you, depending on the circumstance can be incredibly useful. Feel free to check out another Industrious Content article on Food: How to Get Ahead in Life, wherein we suggest getting someone else to cook for you if possible. Feel free to reference another chapter entitled Surplus - More is More, wherein we suggest to allow for a surplus to automate tasks. So, in an instance, like this, ordering online, to allow for an autonomous solution would be ideal.

Modifying Low Level Tasks

Sometimes it's important to note, that some low level task requires specific infrastructure. It will require purchase of a new item. A personal favorite of mine, is to use a stationary bike for cardio. I can read faster than I can listen, and it's easier to pay attention to what I am reading while being stationary and biking. Just an important note to keep in mind while attempting to stack. As you grow in your career and wealth, so will your ability to stack.

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