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Charlie Greenman
November 17, 2020
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What is a Base Persona?

A persona within design, or product development is to create a fictitious character upon which to base an application. In life, while being ourselves when meeting others is always a good idea, this article is an attempt to remove any anxiety. We are going to lay out at a very high level of how you should be approached, and how others should approach you. At the very least, so you do not feel bad about breaking away from it.

Keeping it at mid-level

The straight path: This (involves discovering) the midpoint temperament of each and every trait that man possesses (within his personality.) This refers to the trait which is equidistant from either of the extremes, without being close to either of them.

Therefore, the early Sages instructed a man to evaluate his traits, to calculate them, and to direct them along the middle path, so that he will be sound (of body). - Maimonides / D'eot 1:4

An Example.

An example of this would be if someone asks you how you are doing. Assuming this individual is not a family member, friend, teacher, or disciple(note disciple, not a student), then you should give them a middle-of-the-road response. Something along the lines of "that is very nice of you to ask, I am doing well.". This is in the middle of the road, as you not inappropriately dragging them into your personal life. In addition, you are treating them with respect, and letting them know they are important, as you should. If you have within your capacity, and/or are a mentor, we shall discuss if it is appropriate to break from this script. Regardless, we are going to discuss the different sorts of relationships one has, and how it relates to this base persona.

Re-Assessing the Middle Path

The middle path while intuitive at first becomes more complex as you start to apply it to multiple scenarios. Is the middle path the same for family let's say, as it is for friends. Obviously, the way you interact with those people is different. So let's go through the list, with regards to base persona.


This is different for different people. Some people have close relationships with their family, other people don't. In addition, there are specific family members within your family in which you are closer. In general, the family is people you can share most personal items with, and build deeply intimate relationships. With the exception of your own immediate family, such as your significant other, and/or children (unless they are comfortable with it). A classic conversation with family might be:

"Hey, how are you?".

"I don't know, I hurt my back and I'm having a really hard time with college".

"Ok, let's talk about it."


The Lean Creativity framework suggests having one best friend, and a crew of 4 friends. The crew is mostly there for social events, but the best friend is the one you will talk to. A classic conversation with friends might be:

"Hey, how are you?"

"I'm doing good. Hey, can I ask you a question?"


"I'm having a really difficult time with college, can I pick your brain on something?"


Teachers, while sparse in this day of age, is still something that we promote within the Lean Creativity framework. If you are able to get one, that is someone you should approach about macro problems. So a classic conversation with a mentor would go like this:

"Hello, how are you?"

"I'm doing well"

"Can I ask you a question about College? It's about my major, and I'm not sure if it's the right one."

"Sure, but first, let me tell you a story..."


Co-workers re-iterating the above, these people should not be dragged into your personal life. However, you do want to keep it cordial, and make sure that they seem important. We will not going into an example conversation on this one, as addressed above.

Breaking From Middle Path

It's important to note, that many times remaining astute to the situation is absolutely imperative to keeping a middle-path. For instance, sometimes a co-worker will need you to treat them like family, because they have no one else. Sometimes a family member is going through a difficult time, and the relationship will have to be one-sided. An additional point to this, is making sure that as methodic Lean Creativity is, keeping your humanity. While something we will dedicate a sole article to, making sure that you remain human and approachable is absolutely important.

Next Chapter

This chapter, or rather article discusses the base persona. In other words, the general relationship you should have with the above individuals. However, as these relationships progress, we are going to definitively describe the things that should be discussed with these people. We are going to define these, so you can in a very healthy fashion, have all areas of your life dealt with, in particular with a head nod to mental health.

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