Career and Education

Industrious Framework - Be Industrious Without The Industry

Charlie Greenman
September 14, 2020
4 min read

Career and Education

We’ve so far discussed the whats and hows of daily run-ins, tasks and checkups that are needed for a solid personal foundation. This foundation maintains your daily life giving you the time you need to work on more specific goals and achievements. Specifically in your career or educational tracks.

Identifying Five Different Types of Tracks

In my opinion, there are five identifiable tracks for individuals to take at the beginning of their working years.

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. System bound profession (Law, medicine etc.)
  3. Academia
  4. Skill-based (programming, sales, marketing etc.)
  5. Clergy


For the entrepreneur, your track is always going to differ from others because by definition you are working on something unique. Whether it’s a truly groundbreaking idea unseen before, or less novel but efficient nonetheless, the framework will not do justice to the entrepreneur’s track. As an entrepreneur, you dedicate most of your time to your ideas and creations, and take on the roles of developer, operations, and marketer until you’ve built up a team.

That’s why the Industrious framework intends to put extra effort into guarding the entrepreneur’s time and over-automating their daily needs.

System Bound Profession

Many professions work through a system. A lawyer needs to go to law school, a doctor to medical school and so on. The graduate school level professions have their own official pathway set up to successfully work in the field. There is limited flexibility in system-bound professional work because they carry a heavy responsibility on human lives. For the system-bound workers, you will need skills for people, communicating and a commanding singular focus. This is something the framework will talk about in the upcoming section.


Some people dedicate their lives to academia and become primarily professors, researchers and authors. Academics shouldn’t be taken for granted as they play a huge role in our knowledge-based economy. For the academic, the Industrious framework wants to focus on finding supportive mediums to your work. Having a group of people who understand the importance of what you are learning will keep moving forward.

Skill Based

Skill-based workers do not necessarily need an official degree or certificate. But they need a lot of experience to master their skills. In today’s market this applies to designers, marketers, software developers, content creators, sales, and many forms of engineering. Many individuals in the market today fall into this category as the demand for particular skills and outsourcing for them is in high demand. Therefore, the Industrious Framework has a keen focus on this group in fine-tuning their recurring tasks.


Lastly, I don't want to forget clergymen and clergywomen, because I feel these people don’t receive enough credit in today's society. For every person, there are times when we feel unmotivated, unspiritual and uninspired, and this can have an effect on our productivity. The Industrious framework believes that clergy people, spiritual mentors or any form of mentorship fit an important role in offering their support. The framework will emphasize the notion of having a mentor and a life coach. Humans are spiritual beings however you want to define it, as we have our mental health, emotions and abstract senses of self and mentorship can help us stay balanced. The framework therefore is less focused on the clergy person’s time but how important their time can be for others.

What the Different Tracks Mean

The track you take most likely says something about your interests. Another way to think of it is such:

"What is it that you can offer to the world more so than anyone else?"

This question is so important to ask yourself at different intervals of your journey through your track as it helps you stay motivated to continuously advance in your track. The framework aims to mold itself for each track. Everyone is surely different and unique even within similar tracks, but all great frameworks start at a central position and allow for one to break out of it.

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