Career and Education

Industrious Framework - Be Industrious Without The Industry

Charlie Greenman
September 14, 2020
3 min read

Career and Education

The next logical step, after one has a solid foundation in place towards one's recurring tasks, is to expand the horizon of those recurring tasks. In particular, this refers to the advancement of one's career and one's academic lifestyle. Not all careers require certifications, or advancement in academia, however, this refers to career advancement in general.

Identifying Five Different Types of Tracks

In my mind, I have identified five different types of tracks:

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. System bound profession(Law, medicine etc.)
  3. Academia
  4. Skill-based (programming, sales, marketing etc.)
  5. Clergy


For entrepreneurs, your track is always going to be distinct, because by definition you are doing something unique. Perhaps for something less novel, less so, but novel enough to where a framework will not do you justice. Within this framework we are going to put extra effort on guarding your time, and over automating your day-to-day.

System Bound Profession

If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher etc. it doesn't matter how skilled, or knowledgeable you are, you will not be set up for success unless you work through the system. Social skills, honing in on a singular focus, networking, these are things this framework will focus on.


For this one, I am primarily referring to authors and professorship. However, such a large part of our economy comes from these academics, that I want to dedicate a section to them. For them, it's going to find happiness with what they are doing, and being able to focus their life on academics. Find a supportive group of people who realize the importance of what they are doing and keep trucking forward.

Skill Based

In today's market, this would apply to designers, marketers, software developers, many forms of engineering, I would say most people in the market today are in this category. Lean creativity focuses mainly on this group of people. Focus on this group is going to fine-tune recurring tasks and define what to do in common scenarios.


I don't want to forget clergymen and clergywomen, because I don't feel these people receive enough credit in today's society. These people are more or less the backbone of society. It can be a very lonely path and one that receives a high level of resistance. We are going to focus on making sure you can get yourself in a supportive environment.

What the Different Tracks Mean

Based on the track you take, that most likely says something about your interests. Think about it this way. Based on your interests:

"What is it that you can offer to the world more so than anyone else?"

We are going to try and mold the framework around this pre-conceived notion. Obviously not everyone is the same, but all great frameworks start from a central position, and allow others to break out of it.

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