Why hire consultants?

Hiring consultants means you have access to a level of expertise that doesn't make sense for your day to day business. You can have them train your staff, or use them continuously for an extended period.

What Razroo uniquely offers?

We are a UI Engineering Consulting Firm, which services the Fintech, Media, and Education Industries. Also, we offer technical writing services.

Team Building

Any tech company will experience the need for team building. Two scenarios, in particular, can be very advantageous for having a consultant:

  1. You are a tech company that has multiple offices. However, now you would like to build out another office. Hiring engineers within the first two months can be difficult. Also, solidifying your office as a place for others to work there can take some convincing. Being able to hire engineers while having a senior software consultant overlook, is a fantastic strategy.
  2. You have a very healthy business model. However, from a tech perspective, you might not have the best brand when it comes to being known as a software company. Razroo will only work with a company if we believe in you as a business and your commitment towards tech. We also throw the full weight of our consultants behind your brand. By definition, of us working with you, your tech brand is immediately bolstered and validated. If we do not vet for you, we can go our separate ways, and no one has to know.

The Razroo consultant has a large presence during the first six months, helping with: 1. Recruiting 2. Establishing a Maintainable, and Scalable Code Base 3. Mentoring and Training

Angular Consulting

Angular, at its core, is a framework. However, due to the complex nature of Angular, many integral architectural pieces are commonly missed. Maintainability and scalability are vital to your team, but establishing best practices and architecture will push back your timeline. Losing time on best practices and architecture is especially true in the beginning stages of a product. We can come in and implement that architecture for you, while your team keeps moving. Also, we can work as a group of experts after establishing core architecture. The pressure is taken off of your team, to make sure your application is up to current best practices. We will advance your timeline by a solid 2-4 months, and everyone wins.

A Razroo Angular Consultant offers the following with regards to Angular after helping to establish best practices and architecture: 1. Mentorship 2. Training

Also, Razroo has created the world's most complete, and what will continue to be the world's most comprehensive guide on Angular, "Angular: The Full Gamut." We make sure that anything we pass along is well documented and can be referenced later by your team.

Technical Writing


Your company being able to write articles is incredibly essential to your brand and visibility by others. Razroo has a strong background with technical writing and has an extensive network of the best writers in the Engineering space. Having your team produce blogs and videos can be a relatively painless process. It can also give your team more of an ability to express themselves fully and for engineers to feel their work expands beyond their immediate work.


Documentation is undoubtedly crucial to any company. Excellent engineering, can in many ways be self-documenting. However, we firmly believe there is still a need for documentation internally within an organization. Also, documentation for best practices, decisions behind technology chosen, and application transparency allow for easier onboarding.

Our Mentality Towards Consulting & Responsibility as a Result

As consultants, we realize that we are in the business of being experts in the field. Also, we are aware that we have the unique opportunity to work on multiple products. Also, because the nature of our work is creating tools, architecture, and best practices - open-source software is a part of our everyday. It's a win-win. Open-source software allows us to be better consultants by creating new ways to help our clients. Also, it benefits our clients, without them having to pay for it.

Therefore, within the context of software, Razroo feels it is its responsibility to create and maintain open-source software. Also, spreading free knowledge and developing best practices. We base this approach on principle, and you will find us doing so with no immediate value to Razroo.

What that means for our partners

Any time you hire Razroo as consultants, you are contributing to the general UI Engineering ecosystem. Also, the broad Technical Writing ecosystem. The Technical Writing ecosystem is with regards to open source, as well as free media content. Thank you.