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Charlie Greenman
August 23, 2020
5 min read

Where this all came from

I'm sort of one of those people who naturally became fine with repetition. If I had to pinpoint it to any time in my life, it was when I was 17. I was planning on going away in a year to a study hall in Israel, where I knew they only had cornflakes for breakfast. I decided to get ahead of the curve and eat cornflakes on my own, every day of the year in preparation. If you are reading this, you are the only person besides my brother-in-law that knows this. That being said, after the year of studying in Israel, I sort of started to create a framework to get ahead in life with food. I'm going to share that with you now.

Get Someone Else to Cook For You

This one usually receives quite a bit of criticism. Mostly that it's something for the elite, but I assure you that is not the case. I am usually able to get someone to cook for me, and all I am paying is about $100 a week. Here is how I do it:

  1. Find a local Facebook group. Write your message so it caters to someone looking for extra income. College students, or stay at home moms are great candidates.
  2. Find all the recipes yourself. I usually keep it simple. Chicken/Brocolli, Salmon/Sweet Potatoes, turkey/red peppers etc.
  3. Find an online store to have everything delivered to the person cooking.
  4. Have exact recipes there for them to use, to make payment palatable .
  5. Pick food up yourself.

These are the only steps needed, to accomplish the above.

The Benefits of Doing Something Like This

The benefit of doing something like this is that it frees up 3 hours of your time. I've heard the argument that something like this is only beneficial to someone who spends every waking hour on something useful. However, I would like to argue that this also conserves mental energy. The only thing to look out for is that the person working for you isn't being paid a premium price. You have to prove to them, that what you are doing in your day to day is honorable, or noble. This person cooking for you is more or less a paid consultant. Try and make their life as easy as possible.

How to Deal with Monotony

I'll never forget one of the best pieces of fitness advice I've ever heard. Unfortunately, I forget who it was. However, this individual said:

"If you want to stay fit, learn how to cook".

They are absolutely right. Monotony, I don't care how disciplined you are, is going to catch up with you, sooner or later. So, you sort of run into the dilemma of delegating recipes to someone else

The approach I like taking is offering more money to the person cooking for you. In addition, giving them administrative access to your online shopping account. In fact, I live in Israel, where online shopping is unreliable for my purposes. So I even have someone(someone who is going to outpace this role soon) who drives personally to the supermarket to pick up food. I have a book called the Shredded Chef that I sort of hand off. In addition, I give them an excel sheet for calculating. We then ping pong over whatsapp, and it works. I do this about every 3 weeks and I hand off another $100 for this particular ideation period.

What to do on week's unavailable, or if quits.

This happens sometimes, and honestly is the most difficult part of this process. As mentioned previously, the turnover rate can be high(6-12 months). In addition, finding a backup for week's unavailable is a difficult sell, because you might be giving them $400 dollars tops over the course of 3 - 6 months. So generally week's that the person is off, I will generally get takeout during these week's. Not ideal, as most takeout relatively speaking, is low in protein. However, I make sure to skip breakfast during these week's and eat below caloric intake.

If You Have A Significant Other

If you have a significant other, who has more time than you, and is comfortable cooking for you, for the week, then great! It makes this process so much easier. I know one person, for instance, who says that his girlfriend prepares all of his food for the week, for him. Of course, if life starts getting busy, such as multiple children, and/or both spouses are working, this can still be advantageous.

Why I Love This Idea So Much!

I love this idea so much, because everyone is winning. Someone such as myself is winning, because I get to continue working on things that bring me more value. The person cooking, is making more money, with flexible hours, more so than they would have elsewhere. In addition, as a professional, you will inevitably offer them professional advice, and you are giving them a window into your day to day. I am proud to say, with all 4 people I have worked with so far, within 6-12 months, they move on to something more profitable.

So What Are You Waiting For!

Are you someone desperate for creative ways, to get more time for yourself?! Are you conscious of your health and want to stay fit?! If you want both, this is definitely, for you, but either or, and we are still in business. Try it out, and feel free to let me know on twitter what you think.

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