Node.js Engineer / Back End Engineer(mid-level)

Israel / New York
(Note: significant telecommuting opportunity if desired)

Competitive salary, benefits and options

Razroo is an early stage, growth-oriented company looking for a highly productive "Technical Writer" / "Open Source Advocate" to join our team.

Razroo develops products that champion individuals and empower groups. We are currently developing products to help people study in groups, as well as a unique "productivity" platform. In tandem with our products Razroo also consults. In the section between consulting and our products is our technical writing. It is cornerstone that guides our products and consulting. Our work is well known throughout the industry and those on Razroo's roster can expect name recognition across the industry.

Razroo's culture values respect, teamwork and collaboration in achieving leading edge functionality balanced with high usability. We are an extremely passionate group of people, who strongly believe together we can make a significant positive difference in the world.

Job Description

  • Work on our up and coming "Razroo Zeta" application.
  • Create node.js APIs.
  • Work with unique parsing logic.
  • Potential Content Management work.

Required Skills

  • Knowledge of Node.js
  • Surface level knowledge of front end languages(Angular, React, and Vue)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Experience with any of the following a plus:

  • Kotlin
  • Compilers
  • AWS

Annual travel to New York, or Israel on the table to meet the team.

Razroo's Israel office is located right next to Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem. Razroo's New York office is located in Midtown Manhattan.

However, we strongly believe in offering the environment appropriate for each individual. We, therefore, are fully remote. We also offer a reserved desk with the team should you choose so.

Send resumes to:

Subject: Node.js Engineer / Back End Engineer(mid-level)

Feel free to attach your resume, and put the job description in the title. That is all that is needed. We like giving people the ability to apply to a job in an environment they are comfortable with.