Npm Vs. Yarn

Angular: The Full Gamut Edition

Charlie Greenman
April 25, 2021
2 min read

One of the inevitable conversations that comes into play when starting to use an app for the first time is to use yarn.

Once upon a time, yarn introduced a yarn.lock file. This was fantastic and really did decrease install time. In addition, the syntax was a bit more intuitive, such as yarn add vs npm install. However, as time progressed, NPM received its own lock file. Performance time between the two became negligible. In addition, yarn always came with its own set of problems.

Reasons to stick with NPM

  1. There are no noticeable differences between Yarn and NPM
  2. NPM has been borrowing features from Yarn.
  3. NPM has it's own package lock.
  4. NPM Ci, will tell differences between package.json and package.json.lock.

That's really all the argument there is need to be had. At this point in time Yarn really does not offer anything valuable in ways of NPM. However, having the entire team use Yarn, when it doesn't come at a particular advantage and at times at a dis-advantage does not make complete sense.

So, if your team is curious which package manager to go with, unless they have a personal preference as a collective unit, feel free to tell them NPM.

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