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Industrious Framework - Be Industrious Without The Industry

Yael Raden
January 21, 2021
3 min read

My Story

When I started my first job as an intern at a leading plant genomics company, I jumped on the opportunity to help build their Salesforce platform. It was my first time ever working on Salesforce and I was working with an outside consultant to help with the coding and implementation. But I didn’t want to wait for daily meetings with the consultant to ask my questions so I began watching tutorials on YouTube on my own. After several weeks of learning and trials, I found myself understanding the platform better and was able to work independently. I taught myself a new skill unrelated to my expertise and I am now confident in writing “skilled in salesforce development” on my resume which has unlocked many new opportunities.

I, a biology major, reinvented myself and am no longer limited to jobs at a biology company. I am now an excellent candidate for CRM administrative jobs. I reinvented myself and so should you. Every 3-4 years, and here is why.

Ever-Changing Industries

Industries are constantly changing and they’re doing it really fast. If we hold on to our foundational knowledge, we learned 3 years prior, as entrepreneur Darius Foroux writes, we risk becoming useless. We need to keep up with the industries as they change and reinventing ourselves is how to do it.

Expands Your Skills and Become More Marketable

When I learned the Salesforce platform, I acquired a new skill that was unrelated to my major. I understood how to write basic codes and how to run scripts. It was a new knowledge that not only lent itself to new career opportunities it led me to dive into more advanced coding skills. I signed up for a free women’s coding course and began learning python. I would have never gotten to this new skill if I hadn’t taken the first step towards reinvention.

Acquiring a new skill can also enhance your current career to make you work more efficiently. Technology has crept its way into almost all industries so learning computer and software skills can always be an advantage.

How to Reinvent Yourself

Choose a new skill

Reinvention is all about obtaining new knowledge and skill. Start by writing down three new skills you want to have. You can choose something in your own field or even try for something completely novel to you.

Capitalize on free resources

You can learn almost anything on the internet. There are many great free resources online that provide full comprehensive courses on any skill. I found mine on youtube, but there are platforms like Coursera, edX, and Codeacademy that offer thousands of online courses, articles, books, and collaborations with major universities. Online forums are also a great resource where you can ask skilled communities questions as you learn and you will have a plethora of answers from the community.

Be Flexible and Jump on New Opportunities

New opportunities are all around us in an ever-changing society of disruptive technologies and economical shifts, so jump on them as they come. Even if it is outside your comfort zone take the leap because this will ultimately motivate you to start working towards that reinvention.

A lot can change every three to four years and the best way to adapt to those changes is to embrace self-reinvention and continuous learning throughout your years.

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