The Headspace Guide to Meditation and Mindfulness

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Aleksandra Khmarskaia
February 20, 2021
3 min read

Why Read It

Sometimes it’s necessary to distract from all this mess in your head and just quiet your mind. Of course, you have to have a clear and, most importantly, stable mindset to achieve ambitious goals.

But that’s not why this book is worth reading. Andy Puddicombe, a true Buddhist monk and one of the main mindfulness experts in the UK, promises that it takes only 10 minutes per day to improve every part of our lives, from work productivity to relationships and health. Well, let’s see what he has to offer.


The most exciting part of the book is, for sure, the author’s story. Andy began to explore meditation benefits when he was a normal, busy person with everlasting stress and anxiety. It’s fascinating to read about his adventures: after he realized that something has to be changed in his life, he went to monasteries in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, Russia, and Scotland, but felt like in prison everywhere. He felt guilty for feeling angry surrounded by strict monks, and that’s not the shortest way to a happy life. Then he decided that monasteries were not his things and left it to become… a circus clown. Doesn’t it sound like a great novel?

Interesting Points

Low-Barrier Approach

When I think about some meditation guides, I imagine a conscious yoga community from somewhere deep in India, where you have to give up your phone and spend a few months to reach enlightenment. Could I do that with my already scheduled life? Definitely no. Could I practice meditation with Andy’s book and Headspace app for only 10 minutes per day? At least I don’t have to change anything in my life to try it.

You Don’t Have to Do the Lotus Position

Andy describes tons of different meditation forms. If you don’t want to sit, you can walk, sleep, eat, or run. The goal of meditation is not to sit in some specific surroundings, it is to help you improve your focus skills.

Look Deeper

What I liked most is that “The Headspace Guide” is not just a collection of exercises. The author makes us look deeper into the reasons, he clears all misconceptions you could have about meditation. That’s how a good book differs from a regular bestseller where the author just cheers you with some empty claims.

Would I Read It Knowing What I Know Now?

To be honest I’m not the world’s biggest fan of meditation. But it’s extremely relevant to me how to maintain productivity in long-term work sprints. So I collect piece by piece all the mindfulness tips anyway, but reading the book seems much more convenient. I could recommend the book to those who are afraid of burnout and want to keep efficient without any breaks.

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