The Ticket Writing Process

Product: The Full Gamut

Solene Cohen
October 07, 2021
2 min read

Product Sprint

We are going to share the Ticket writing process that we use at Razroo. This process has proven to be the most efficient way to do so. Side note: Here we use JIRA but feel free to apply this process to any project management software. Now let’s start.

The Ticket Writing Process


First and foremost WHY is it important to have a ticket-writing process? In the Agile team, collaboration and coordination are key to your project/product success.

  • It keeps sprint’s tasks organized
  • Product team stays entirely focused on the product strategy and roadmap.
  • Engineering team stays focused on the HOW of the tasks.

How We Do It?

  1. Start with defining the length of the sprint. 2 weeks sprint is common practice but it can be 3 weeks or more custom, at Razroo we work on 2 weeks sprints.
  2. We separate the product sprints from software development sprints by creating two different project boards. It helps track and isolate the product : Such as Company Name Product Board, Company name

Example :

  • Razroo Software Project
  • Razroo Product Board

Creating New Tickets

In the Product Board the Lead product manager will assign the ticket in the product sprint to the Junior / Mid-Level product manager. The tickets assigned by the Lead PM to Junior/ Mid-Level PM contain the typical 1 line User story. Example : ‘’As a User i want to be able to highlight content in the page’’.

The Junior PM then will fill the ticket (see article ‘’How we write tickets at Razroo’’ and add Label (Example: UI/UX , Front-end…). Once the ticket is completed the PM will move it to ‘In Review’.


Lead PM assign the ticket to PM: TO DO PM while working on it: IN PROGRESS PM completed ticket: IN REVIEW Engineer and Lead PM approves the ticket: DONE

Final Review Process

Once the Product Sprint is completed the ticket must be assigned to an engineer in the software sprint backlog and moved to relevant EPIC and Sprint in the Company Software board.

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