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Charlie Greenman
July 23, 2020
7 min read

What Gave Me The Idea to Write Article

I ended up writing this article as a result of wanting to go out more for the weekend. I’ve been feeling very much stuck in this sort of box, and want to expand my life experiences. Primarily to think about life and my business on a grander scale. While born in LA, and having lived in New York for 6 years, I’m currently living in Jerusalem, IL. I wanted to getaway to Tzfat, IL for the weekend. So I solidified this strategy as a result.

Here’s the dilemma. You are ambitious, but getting away for the weekend takes time. This is the strategy I’ve developed for myself, and I want to share it with you.

  1. Create a list in Trello.
  2. Create a Todo list
  3. Keep it cheap.
  4. Find someone else to drive for you.
  5. Have a mobile hotspot to use in the car.
  6. Leave lighter work for in the car
  7. Use the time away for thinking about the enormous picture.
  8. Make sure your getaway has WiFi and bring your laptop. Make sure you can get work done from there.
  9. Have someone drive you on the way back.
  10. Unfortunately, getaways much be kept short. 25 hours, max.
  • Don’t forget to charge your laptop

Create A List In Trello

Right now I have a list of all things that need to be packed for a go away trip. It makes it so I forget nothing. The first 2–3 times I ended up having hiccups — including that one time I forgot my passport, and I had to get a friend to rush to the airport on his bike. Now, however, the list never lies, and it’s smooth sailing.


Create A Todo List

Create a list of the things that you want to accomplish on this getaway. For me some things I’ll be thinking about:

  1. Do I want to still live in Jerusalem?
  2. Do I still want to stay in WeWork? I mean the answer is no. However, the question is, do I want to commit to anywhere else in the area. The shortest lease I could negotiate is 9 months.
  3. I haven't gone on a date in over a year, and depending on who you ask closer to 2–3 years. I’m (very very) different and I know that. Ultimately, it’s the path I want to take, and who I am. However, something as important as this one, I want to triple-triple check. You know, life stuff.
  4. How I can add an hour of reading to my day-to-day.
  5. I know Pimsleur with Hebrew, is my best bet given my intense 70–80 hour workweek(keep in mind I observe the sabbath). I’m going to mentally prepare myself for that one.
  6. I want to assess my relationship with music. I’ve had this conversation multiple times, but to re-assess.
  7. I want to re-asses my current day-to-day. It’s important for me to recognize I’m doing a lot, but want to see if can push some more. That answer to this is yes. So if I can mentally prepare, in addition, to #5 that would be great. Most likely will not be able to, but will play it by ear.
  8. Complete reading the book I’m currently reading, as I normally would do on the weekend.

^ so that’s an example of what a sample getaway weekend looks like for me.

Keep It Cheap

There is no reason for this to be expensive. In addition, as someone trying to stay focused it’s anti what you are doing. This weekend getaway is costing my $50 tops. I’m sharing the getaway with a solid crew of 6.

Find Someone Else To Drive For You(Significant other, friend, etc.)

If you are following this guide, this means you are ambitious. Where I’m at, usually I’ve found the easiest way to get around this dilemma, is to offer money. Usually, I’m the guy buying the beef and chicken. I’ve found this is usually a brilliant way to make sure you can guard your time. Also, know the people driving with you beforehand. I’ve run into issues, wherein it turned out I was the only person in the car with a license. It was not a fun 2+1/2 hour drive back #upstatenewyork.

Have A Mobile Hotspot To Use In The Car

As someone who works in software, I mainly need it to push my code to a remote server. I also need to access tickets and online articles. Being able to tether my laptop to my phone is essential. Work this out before you go. However, also prepare for the worst. I’ve been in a situation before where my WiFi didn’t work. I ended up writing my book, researching on my phone. Swapped out weekend time for client work. It worked out.

Leave Lighter Work For the Car

I’m a dual monitor type of guy. I’m also a savage on the keyboard. However, I can change my style of work, such as thinking through before refreshing browser. (As opposed to my general berserker approach towards software). This requires the nature of the work to be less involved. Thankfully, I am currently doing lesser involved work. I can and will apply this strategy to my work.


You are stepping away from your day-to-day. People will challenge you on the way you live your life. You will challenge your business’s direction, your career’s direction. Leaning into that vulnerability can be immensely beneficial. It’s moments like these that will separate you from the pack. Also, bring a book, and be perceptive to hanging around other people. I’ve decided to close Shmayan, start Razroo Dios, and get a better perspective on what I want in life, from these trips. Not to mention a tremendous wealth of knowledge.

Make Sure Your Place Has Wifi and Bring Your Laptop

This one is sort of obvious, but I still wanted to add it to the check-off list. This one is less relevant for someone such as myself who observes the sabbath. However, for someone who doesn’t, it is incredibly important.

Have Someone Drive You On The Way Back

This is absolutely imperative. Now that someone else is driving both there and back, you have saved yourself 4–5 hours. For someone such as myself bootstrapping my company, and working after hours, that’s adding another ~15% to my workweek.

Getaway Must Be Kept Short

Unless you have the ability to set up a work environment there, it must be kept short. For someone such as myself, money right now is tight, and the only reason I’m doing this is that I’ve decided it makes sense long term. So I’m going to assume most ambitious people are in this scenario. Ideally, trips should be kept to a 25-hour window max. This does not include travel time.

Also, don’t forget to charge your laptop. The last thing you want, is your laptop turning off mid-travel ruining the well planned.

So That’s It!

If you are someone anywhere near the same frequency as me, you will find this article incredibly useful. If any of the above items don't check off, don’t do it. You will find time to do it another time.


This has been a Razroo Production. Keep an eye out for our upcoming publication “Lean Creativity”.

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