What is The Industrious Framework?

Industrious Framework - Be Industrious Without The Industry

Yael Raden
September 10, 2020
8 min read


And thanks for being here. It is important that you in particular are here because this book is for you. You are a person who possesses creativity, and it is that creativity that is the single greatest asset you have towards your success.

Wait a minute, I am creative?

Well, to the person who just said that, yes you are. You may think being creative is a binary concept, especially if you compare yourself to others bearing specific talents that you just don’t have. But being creative is not limited to artists, designers and writers but is a skill that can be found in retail, the office and anywhere on the day to day. It is just a matter of how you interpret it.

This book is here to help you interpret it.

You, who are at the beginning of your career and at the pinnacle time, we would say, for exercising and flexing your creativity. As creativity is a skill, it can therefore be improved through practice and the key to practicing your biggest asset, is to be industrious.

An industrious individual works hard and diligently to accomplish their goals. Industrious people also have a clear understanding of their goals, even if those goals are changing - because industrious individuals adapt.

Adaptation, diligence and creativity are characteristics that every single person holds and what we want to accomplish with this book is to give you, the person with all the potential, the right ideas on how to practice and exercise it.

Being Industrious, without the industry.

This brings us to the title and full ideology of this book. You can become an industrious person in any setting with the regular things around you. Our careers are important, and honestly they lend a huge hand in developing who we are both professionally and non professionally as we exercise many great skills during those 9-5 and 40+ hour work weeks. But, being industrious and building on our creativity is a continuous process and you do not need to be within an industry to practice it.

Here, we plan to take mundane activities that we as humans, young professionals, career-oriented individuals.... are engaged in on a daily basis, and we’ll give you a different way to interpret your interaction with them. Each activity can be done with a stronger sense of awareness of the skills it can offer practice on. Again, it is all about perspective, and sometimes changing your point of view is what you need to do.

The We

I’m sure you have noticed by now, the two authors of this book and that the narrative so far is in the plural, we. We are two people, two authors. You can read our biographies in the ‘About the Author’ section of our book, but what we want to highlight the most is that we are both on our own journeys towards maximizing our potential and capitalizing on our greatest assets. Charlie is a tech guy; software developer and entrepreneur. Yael works in marketing and has an exact science degree in biology and psychology. From different ends of the industrial spectrum, we came together to offer our insights and personal stories about our journey to creativity.

We did this because on our journeys we found that our time was becoming limited. Charlie felt like he was hustling too much, and Yael thought she was not thinking smart enough. So, we developed a framework to ensure the creative things we did were lean, Ie: plain and simple and something that others could replicate. So, here we are, offering you our framework. And with that, we sincerely hope you enjoy it!

A Guide to the Industrious Framework

Mental Capacity

Reiterating the above, really getting ahead in life involves creative energy and that’s why you need to have the right mental capacity or the ability to make and communicate your own decisions.
You may be saying now, "Ok, this is my current situation...how can I think outside the box...to get where I want to be quickly…” and is a book going to help?

Well, a book that focuses on being creative, just simply isn't going to do the job properly, because creativity manifests differently for everyone. What a book can offer, and this one will strive to do, is a framework for your creative path.


Once you set your mind on testing your creativity, you will need the appropriate infrastructure to follow. We are going to go through what that can be for you and delve into it deeper. Charlie will pour his heart out on this one, “believe it or not, I was that kid.”

Time Re-Allocation + Prioritizing

Something that goes along intrinsically with infrastructure is time. So, naturally to us authors, we’re going to talk about it. I've been following my own framework for years, but there are days, and excuse my french, where sht just gets @#%ed. First and foremost we’re humans born into a quite unknown world and at times, life just f'in sucks. There are times I want to punch a wall, there are times I want to scream my heart out. You know, human stuff. Sometimes having a framework makes the hard times even harder because it will hold you accountable. You know you have the time you need to work on your goals so if you don’t use it, it can be a hard punch. But this framework we’re about to offer will address this - how do you, as a human first, prioritize tasks, adjust and reallocate your time for what you may need at the moment.


As we get into the framework of how to establish the most efficient ways to accomplish x,y, and z, you might get a sense of, “I’ve accomplished something...um, what’s next?” We will have to keep doing the same thing time and time again to remain on this journey and - I don't care how disciplined you are, you won't be able to hack it. Monotony is hard. So, there are chapters here that are dedicated to the monotony we’ll face and how to deal with flexible solutions.

Customize the Framework

“Nothing is set in stone, even the Tablets of Stone, Broke” - Someone once said to me.

Nothing is set for good. Like any good framework, you can and should customize it. We’re offering the pieces but you're the artist who needs to decide where to sculpt it. Customizing any framework, or any journey through self improvement is essential because we are all different, no matter how similar we can be. That’s why our angel gets down to the core of the issues but within generic areas so that you can accommodate your individuality.


Our framework is particular, but there is going to be a need for it to be more particular. Your individuality is needed and so there are going to sections dedicated to that. As time goes on, we will create more books specific to personality types, professions as well as the areas in between.

It's a great undertaking

It's a great undertaking - to begin a journey of self growth and it’s one that we are both currently enduring. With our offers, anecdotes and personal sharings, we hope this book will give you a happy read and as a by-product, success.

Framework’s Format:

Let's break down some of the things this book is going to address.

Recurring Tasks

Here we will discuss all those essential and everyday living tasks like, food, housing, clothing, health and fitness, sleeping, commuting, money and stuff like these.

Work and Education

Here we’ll discuss all obligations relating to work and learning (formal and informal) like, mentors, coaches, networking, reading and stuff like these.

Check ins and Check ups

We’ll talk about the tasks you need to do along the way to ensure you’re keeping up with your goals. Like a QA on your life. Here we’ll discuss backups, surpluses and breaks.

Non-essential tasks that are very essential

A journey of self improvement must give time to non-essential activities that really are essential and this is basically, the fun stuff. Even living life to our fullest potential requires pitstops for relaxing and fun on the way. Here we’ll dedicate space to extra curricular activities, hobbies, vacations and more.

Big Ideas

Throughout our framework we’ll sprinkle in articles focusing on big ideas that can be reflected upon or used as motivation for recurring tasks, work and education, check-ins, and non-essential essentials. Here will bring up ideas on positivity, reinvention, focus and more.

And with all of that, our introduction is over and we invite you to read on.

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