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Ever since I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to do, is make as large of a contribution as I can to this wonderful world.

Why do you love Shawarma so much?

I've always been a big fan of protein, especially beef. Shawarma while not beef, I feel is the perfect combo of nutrients, fat, carbs, and protein. Something about it, after I eat it, I just feel happy and energized!


Ever since I was a kid, the only thing I wanted to do, is make as large of a contribution as I can to this wonderful world. Entrepreneurship has always been on my mind. Held first job at 14, including janitorial + warehouse positions. Held first professional programming position at age 18. It helps to have a father who is a rocket/computer scientist, and a brother who own's his own software company. Started first company at age 20. This led to series of side hustles including buying, and selling books(Book Skull), raising poultry(duck), software consulting(Razroo), two stealth startups(charity platform, and organization software), and two non-profits.

Personally, I love software. One, it is a hobby. Second, because I believe it is where I can make the biggest difference, and I am infatuated with helping people. You will therefore find me being very active with open source, writing articles, and speaking when I can. My middle name means life(no joke). I fully intend, and do breathe that into everything I do!!!

I'm on a virtuous, unbounded rampage to actively make a difference in the industry, for the people within the industry, and the products I work on. All of this with an emphasis on building perfection, which in software is dynamic.

Currently, my time is completely dedicated to Razroo, where we tap into the last 10 years of experience, “To Reinforce and Enhance User Experience by Championing Creators and Empowering Teams”. We consult too.

Love your work, work hard, stay humble, and treat others as you would want to be treated. Keep pushing it.

Builder + Seller.

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The Art of Stacking

Lean Creativity Edition

I don't know, the wizard kangaroo just seems to appeal to me. Something about magic, and the amount of time it takes to master something like that, always fascinated me.

Alatar Bloise - The Wizard
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Ray Dalio
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